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New Tank by txtmess on 23 Jun 2015 10:24

So here it starts got a deal on a 400 Litre Aquareef from the lads at Seahorse one of there ex display tanks that I happened to come across with the missus and before I knew it my bank balance was gone.

So nothing that most of you haven't see before it's a popular enough model but it comes with a few upgrades of an ATO tank and pump , some LEDS and the piping is not standard either.

Will hopefully post progress as I get it in place but be warned I am a slow tank builder and have been know to stare at live rock for a couple of months figuring out what looks best.

My other main thought is to run the system as Triton as the lack of water changes appeals to me and being honest that's the main driver as I have seen systems done every which way but that to me seems to be the selling point.

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my tank so far by Essox on 30 Jan 2012 00:35
at the moment my stock list is:

a pair of percula clowns
one purple fire fish

10 turbo snails
2 cleaner shrimp
1 fire shrimp
3 red legged hermit crabs
1 rose bubble tip anemone
1 pistol shrimp(hitch hiker that im going to try catch and remove him)

1 torch coral
1 rock full of green star polyps
1 toad stool
2 red mushrooms

soon il be adding some more to my tank but before i do that im going to be looking into my water chemistry more before add anything else im having a problem with my purple algae on my rocks turning white iv done a good bit of research about water chemistry and believe it is my calcium that is low in my tank, im going to seahorse and getting a load of different test kits and additives for my tank and as soon as i understand water chemistry im not adding anymore stock to my tank to be safe!!!

all of my advice and understanding about water chemistry and reef keeping so far is mostly down to a lad that is on youtube and face book his name is newyorksteelo...

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5 posts by the gaffer on 01 Sep 2010 20:06
blog number 4 ;)

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replying to a message by the gaffer on 01 Sep 2010 19:56
Hi, can someone tell me how to reply to a message I received as there is no reply button like there is in a normal email.....cant seem to see how to reply anywhere :?: thanking you in advance :)

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Planted Tank Update by Anotheridiot on 27 Jul 2009 20:45
Well Just thought Id post a quick update.


Overall Im chuffed with how this tank is turning out.
The hairgrass has not really carpeted at all, its spreading, only very very slowly. Got annoyed with how quickly the stargrass was growing, so now it is floating rather than in the substrate.

The Vallisneria americana has gone pretty mad and is spreading out to the front of the tank, Ill be cutting out these parts before the next meeting if anybody is interested ?

The Myriophyllum mezianum didnt do very well in the low light, so Ive relocated it to my other tank.
Cant remember right now what it has been replaced with, but will get the name and post it later on.

The Cryptocoryne beckettii 'has gone crazy and I'm loving how tight it is staying together.

I cant really tell a difference between the...

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