Rio 125 conversion to marine
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- December 2013
The sump
   30 Dec 2013 02:35
The Salty Side
   30 Dec 2013 01:56

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The sump

Permanent Linkby Corky on 30 Dec 2013 02:35

So with space a premium in the cabinet I decided to make a custom sized sump. So I drew up my plan keeping it as simple as possible with 3 sections. Skimmer, Refugium and pump section with a bubble trap between the first and second section. I used tec 7 for the silicone which i also got from woodies. If you dont feel comfortable using this your LFS sells the aquarium safe type however once it has the fishy symbol on the side and with reference to their site it is safe to use in the aquarium but be careful as the clear one is not!!



I made a bit of a mess with the middle baffle as I put a bead down first and slid the baffle in as I wanted to get both sides, in hindsight...

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The Salty Side

Permanent Linkby Corky on 30 Dec 2013 01:56

I never had much of an interest in marines and i always just skipped that part of the shop as I considered it to be too specialised, too complicated and too expensive. So my plan was to upgrade to a bigger Malawi setup so off I went to Seahorse for a look. However after talking to Kealan for about 10 minutes he had somehow convinced me to consider a marine setup so off I went and started to research and a couple of weeks later I find myself drilling holes in the side of my precious Rio 125!!

Anyways heres my build thread for my first Marine setup. All help and advice will be much appreciated.

So I knew from past experiences fishkeeping that if you dont do it right at the start you'll be kicking yourself down the line so I decided to set it up with a sump. First to come out was the internal filter. This came out handy enough with a long kitchen knife. I think there was 4 blobs of silicone on each side. I also realised the importance of lighting with a reef tank so I took out the centre...

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