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- October 2012
shopping spree
   21 Oct 2012 23:06
everything coming together nicely
   21 Oct 2012 22:20
more life added
   21 Oct 2012 22:06
new additions
   21 Oct 2012 21:55
more live rock and a yellow tail damsel
   21 Oct 2012 21:42
some live rock added and cycling begins
   21 Oct 2012 21:22
getting there
   21 Oct 2012 20:30
sump work begins
   21 Oct 2012 20:11
My first reef tank 4x2x2
   21 Oct 2012 19:58

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shopping spree

Permanent Linkby anybangers on 21 Oct 2012 23:06

Decided to go to Dublin and Louth and pick up a few more additions for my tank
No point in driving that far and not making the best of it so I loaded up ;)
On one stop I picked up some red plating montipora frags and some chalice frags, they are small but will grow and are very nice
Then onto my next stop where I was collecting a yellow tang, a brittle starfish, a fire shrimp, a mettalic green hammer coral, a green tip torch coral, a frogspawn coral and some star polpys all of which were large pieces besides the star polyps which were a frag but a large frag
Then my final stop before my journey home was seahorse where I picked up an alien eye pectinia spiny chalice coral, a zoa colony and a small ricordia
I hit the road with my jeeps boot full and a big smile on my face, I couldn't get back to Waterford fast enough

The yellow tang

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everything coming together nicely

Permanent Linkby anybangers on 21 Oct 2012 22:20

I got my new leds and god do they make some difference which I will show with a video at some stage
The shimmer is amazing and now its time to start adding some coral
I got a few frags off a mate of yellow star polyps ,some pulsing xenia some speckled mushrooms
All of these settled in perfectly and the xenia is growing like crazy

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more life added

Permanent Linkby anybangers on 21 Oct 2012 22:06

Came across a beautiful yellow stripe maroon in my LFS (ocean pets waterford) and had to have him
I also got an offer of a fantastic powder blue tang for next to nothing and couldn't turn him down, sure who could lol so in they went and my tank got more lively


I am also running my UV now using a spare hydor seltz L40 pump i have and I have ordered some leds from china to replace the old T5s I am using before I add some corals

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new additions

Permanent Linkby anybangers on 21 Oct 2012 21:55

After doing all the tests on my water and being happy with the results i added a few more fish
I put in a handful of turbo snails, 2 green chromis which I will add another 4 of eventually, a beautiful flame angel and 2 neon velvet damsels, everyone is getting on great so far :D
tango the flame angel

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more live rock and a yellow tail damsel

Permanent Linkby anybangers on 21 Oct 2012 21:42

I added another 22kgs of live rock and a yellow tail fiji damsel to complete the cycling process which in fairness to the seahorse guys for being on the money as usual was going great as my parameters were very close to perect
The skimmer was working perfect and pulling out loads of gunk
I also added a temperature controller which gave me lots more stability
Also a word of warning, After I added this I noticed a 2.5 degree difference between the reading on my controller and on my betta digital thermometer, after checking the temperature with a jbl glass thermometer it confirmed that the digital betta one was out by 2.5 degrees celius so my tank was running at 28.5 degrees but now its sorted

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