Fishless cycle – nitrite not going down

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Fishless cycle – nitrite not going down

Postby Carter on 03 Jul 2014 12:24

Hey everyone,

I have a relatively small 20 gallon tank and I started a cycle with janitor ammonia a few months ago. I have a few pond snail stowaways and mostly plants – so no fish in this tank right now.

About a month after I first started this thank, the first nitrites appeared. The last few weeks the API tests have shown

• 0 ppm ammonia)
• 5 ppm (or more) nitrite
• 5 ppm nitrate.

I did have a few tests to determine whether or not I had shaken the vial vigorously enough. Most of the readings have been 5, maybe 10. One reading was 60 ppm.

My question is am I going in the right direction or should I be doing something else as well? Even though I might need to calibrate, the pH meter showed a 7.8. I would appreciate any suggestions that you might be able to give.
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