Got a used tank, what's next?

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Got a used tank, what's next?

Postby Pavel on 03 Jun 2019 16:39

Hi, me again! I've been given a used (approx. 45 litres) tank, but, just like everything, it's got a few problems. The main one is, it's still got some (a bit less than half of) old water, but it's horribly dirty. The previous owners had their betta fish die in there, and eaten up by the snails (scary image, I know), and since there were no fish, they turned off the filter and the heater. They didn't specify how long it just stood like that for, but let's presume the worst case scenario. Due to this, and a huge infestation of snails (both dead and alive), I'm afraid to even put my hand in it. The previous owners assure me that the tank was properly cycled and has good soil and bacteria, and if that's true, I personally think it'd be a waste to flush it all down. So, what would be the most effective way to clean and restart the aquarium? Would I need to cycle it again after all?
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