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Dyed fish

Postby pierce on 17 Jul 2008 21:50

Lads I am sorry for getting peoples hopes up about the EU inspector that I was ment to meet regarding the Dyed fish campaign.As I have said already he could not make the meeting and had sent an e-mail for me to the EU veterinary offices.I finally got the e-mail today and it is just a link to a page in wikipedia here is the mail anyway sorry

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I was in touch with my colleague again to get the specific reference to the CITES convention he had mentioned previously. Rather disappointingly, he now says:

We do not have any international convention on this, including CITES. So there is nothing enforceable at Community or CITES level.

We have some countries individual initiatives.

Please see the following link for this info.


I guess that you already have the Wikipedia reference, so I apologise that after all this waiting I am not giving you any better news.


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