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Re: Torch Coral

Postby Will@PowderBlue on 12 Jul 2011 18:32

paulie975 wrote:I didnt smell it but two of the heads are just completely empty so im assuming those are dead. I think they're flatworm they look exactly this these: ... 80&bih=709

How bad are the sixlines? Ive read mixed reviews on them?

They are not Flatworms, Flatworms are red and a weird shape, like a square pinched in, in the middle. How are the rest of the heads on the Torch? IMO dipping a LPS in just RO water wont do it too good as they cant handle it as good as others. They dont need much light and very little flow just enough to have the arms moving not being bashed or anything.

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Re: Torch Coral

Postby aidanC on 12 Jul 2011 19:39

Hi, I had the same problem few months back, they killed a head or two before I noticed the little bugs on it. They camouflage to the same colour to what there on. I tried dipping in lugols and flatworm exit without much effect ( killed some at massive doses ). I then started freshwater dips ( warm it tank temp and raise ph ) in a bucket and blew them off with a turkey baster. Torch coral hated it slimed white mucus but always opened up happy enough next day. Started extending properly for a few days and then would start retracting again, I'd have a look and see the little buggers on d heads again. Guessing the dip didn't kill the eggs, so have to repeat. In total three times dipped bout ten days apart to get totally bug free. It's up to you if you want to freshwater dip them but I found alot easier than trying to pick them off with a cocktail stick (not fun).
Shake the torch to get it retract before you take it out helps a bit.

Good luck let us know how you get on
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