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Re: Alveopora

Postby jeff on 29 Aug 2016 17:34

darmac wrote:Hey lads i bought a goni around three months ago and it has nearly doubled in size,the one thing i can say for these corals is that they do great when you dose Manganese, i had a small bright green alveopora and at the time i wasn't dosing anything and over the space of two months it went south, started reseeding from one side all the way over until it wasted away, it's one coral that depends highly on Manganese.

This is just my personal opinion from what I've seen


Hi Dar I also dose manganese

I still have other alveopora corals that are older and younger and doing great, I also have a goniopora that's growing like crazy so its Deffo a wierd one that I don't think il ever find out which is a pain as it was a nice one to have
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Re: Alveopora

Postby Toomanyhumans on 30 Aug 2016 18:48

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