Pulsing Xenia dead after a day???

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Pulsing Xenia dead after a day???

Postby seanyroche on 01 Mar 2011 17:56

Hi I got a Pulsing Xenia frag from my lfs in Waterford and it was full of flat worms so I gave it a warm RO bath.
This cured the worms, however when I put it in the pico tank it opened up and pulsed but the following day it was gone off the rock all together with no sign of it since.

Its ment to be an easy one to look after, all the other corals are doing good.

Any thoughts :oops: ?
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Re: Pulsing Xenia dead after a day???

Postby redpower on 01 Mar 2011 18:14

Should brought it straight back, flatworms and all. the LFS should have noticed that obvious problem and never sold it in the first place.
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