Coral Transportation and Sulking

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Coral Transportation and Sulking

Postby Birdie on 04 Mar 2011 20:24

Hey guys,
Ive been doing trade fairs with my school and Ive been transporting my coral to the fairs. I usually bag it or put them in a bucket with a heater then put into the tank for the fair and then take home again after the fair. I fear that it could be damaging them but Iam buying coral specially for displaying at these fairs so I wont have to use my selling stock. I try to go down with the corals the night before or very early before the fair. Im just wondering does anyone no a different way of transportation and how I could get the corals to open faster because Ive a fair in Dublin monday week and then the national enterprise finals in April and I want to impress. So any ideas?
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